5 Days After Quitting Smoking

It is now 5 days after quitting smoking and it has been an interesting journey so far. I’m going to let it all hang out here today and tell you exactly what is going on for me.

So please excuse the potty mouth and the way I say things. It won’t all be pretty, but this journey has not been pretty!

If you are considering quitting smoking and want to know what it feels like, here is the uncensored truth!
First day of quitting smoking

So the first thing I want to say is Oh My God, I haven’t had a cigarette in 5 days!

I just can’t believe it. After 22 years of smoking a box of cigarettes a day I have made 5 days without smoking a cigarette. I honestly never thought I would be able to make it this far.

First Day of Quitting Smoking

So my first day of quitting smoking was really hard. I was angry, I could not concentrate and I felt completely dissociated. I felt like I was not in control of my body, it was like I was outside of my body and watching from somewhere else. Somewhere far, far away.

I didn’t enjoy this feeling at all. Another problem was that it was a Thursday, a work day! I could not concentrate and I was jumpy all day.

Every now and then for no reason I screamed “Fuck It!”.

Strangely enough this helped quite a lot, so I highly recommend you try this!

second day of quitting smoking

By lunch time I made a decision, I was not going to even attempt working any more. I needed to be busy, but with my hands. I left my laptop and started cleaning (yes strange things happened!) and then preparing supper for my family. Peeling vegetables was strangely soothing.

The day got a lot easier when my hubby came home from work. He quit smoking with me and it was easier to be distracted with him and the kids at home.

That night was terribly hard though. I think children are programmed to know when something hectic is going on, they pick up on something and react in the worst possible way!

I have bipolar and I have had trouble sleeping all my life. For this reason I am on Seroquel at night. It helps me fall asleep and it helps me stay asleep. This makes life just so much smoother. If I am going through a tough time I chat to my doctor and he lets me increase my meds for a little while.

So it made sense for me to double my meds for a few nights. I had visions of lying in bed, awake all night craving cigarettes and I couldn’t think of anything worse than that.

I went to bed nice and dozy, ready to end the first 24 hours… and then both my kids woke up. We got them to sleep, went back to bed and yes if you are a parent you know exactly what happened! The little buggers woke up again, and again and again. Literally all night.

It is one thing being woken up all night when you are tired and miserable and craving a cigarette, but when you are on meds that make you sleepy it is something else entirely. I think I made the most noise that night out of everyone in the family and the person I really felt sorry for was my husband! Well no, not at the time, I didn’t give a shit to be honest. I was blotto on my meds and thinking only of myself.

In the morning when I got up I felt bad and sorry for him because I honestly behaved worse than the children the whole night!

Second Day of Quitting Smoking

I found day 2 a little easier than the first day. I had already made a decision that if I found trying to work too hard I would go for taking some time off, instead of risking smoking. I worked for about 2 hours before I felt terrible. I called a friend and we went out for a few hours.

As it turned out she is an ex smoker, she quit 9 years ago so that certainly helped me and she showed loads of support. She also didn’t mind me in my zombie-like, dissociated state which I appreciated. Going out for most of the day was a good decision, it really took my mind off the smoking.

The evening was a little bit rocky. There was an AA rally in our area on the weekend which I went to on Friday night, but I forgot about the “smoking club”! You know how all the smokers hang around outside and chat? Well now I wasn’t one of them anymore. I arrived and I didn’t know where I fitted anymore. I felt like I had lost a best friend. As I walked in a few of my smoking buddies greeted me and I didn’t slow down. I shouted that I quit smoking and I couldn’t stop till I was inside.

It worked. I got inside to the meeting without having a smoke! After the meeting when I would normally stay and have a cup of coffee and a smoke I made a run for my car instead. I wanted to smoke more than anything, the feeling was starting to get really uncomfortable now!

Third Day of Quitting Smoking

My hubby turned to me and asked me why I just shivered… I explained to him that I was struggling with the feeling of craving. I start to crave a cigarette and then I feel like there is a huge empty hole in me. I am determined to not smoke so my addict mind tells me that is fine, how about some cocaine? A shot of Tequila? No? Ok then what about some tik (speed) or a little joint?

That is when the shiver goes down my back. I can’t handle this feeling. I know this feeling, I have been here and I hate it. Maybe I should just have a fucking smoke? Am I risking my whole recovery here over a cigarette? Am I at risk or is it just my nicotine addict trying to trick me?

I start wondering where I could buy drugs in this area, I have never used here… I know where the bottle stores are, that is easy. Will it be easier hiding drugs or alcohol from my husband? I have no idea because I met him when I was a few years clean and I have not relapsed.

What the fuck am I thinking about? No ways am I going to use drugs or drink. I will not smoke either. I am stronger than this.

I grabbed my daughter and I went back to the AA rally. We ran past the smokers outside and into safety. I shared with some people how I was struggling with not smoking and it was making me really edgy.

The funny thing is that the cravings are less than before, they are shorter and there is more time in between carvings, but when they hit they HIT. I feel like I am just sitting happily minding my own business and suddenly a craving comes and gives me a massive punch in the side of my face. Then it is gone and I am left wondering what the fuck just hit me?

I can make all this go away, I can buy a box of smokes and it will be gone!

You can read about my drug and alcohol addiction days in the ebook I wrote – The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn.

4 Days after Quitting Smoking

My hubby tells me that he is struggling. He tells me that if I start smoking again so will he (is that a pleading look of hope in his eyes? Does he want me to start smoking?). I start giggling, I know this manipulative addict. It lives in me too.

I tell him I won’t be responsible for him smoking. If he wants to carry on smoking he can do that, or he can carry on with the quitting journey. His choices have nothing to do with what I do.

He doesn’t look impressed with me at all. I’m not feeling great either.

I start wondering if he starts smoking can I get away with smoking and placing the blame on him? And yes I have just laughed at him for trying this!

So this craving comes and smacks me again. I go to the shops and buy “some” snacks to keep me busy. I vowed not to do this.

I have memories of sitting in a hot car with my mom and my sisters after school. My mom is eating Fruit Pastilles sweets. They are sticky from the heat and it makes me feel sick to the stomach. My mom gave up smoking and all I remember from this time are sticky sweets… lots of them.

So my “few” snacks are: 1 pack of Red Velvet Cake Fingers, 4 rolls of Rollos and 4 packs of Chocolate Sponge Fingers. This is going to last me a LONG time. Just a few little things to take my mind off smoking.

4 days after quitting smoking

5 Days after Quitting Smoking

It is Monday, so now we are back to needing to work. I am behind with everything because I barely worked on Thursday or Friday. I need to get back to the real world. Life can’t come to a complete stop while I get over my smoking addiction.

Maybe I can just have a little puff? Maybe there is a stompie (cigarette butt) in the garden and I can get just one drag out of it?

I turn on my laptop and make another cup of coffee. It is my 4th cup this morning and I am starting to feel shaky. I open a pack of Chocolate Sponge Fingers. Yes, it is 8am and too early for cakes BUT remember I used to have a line of cocaine first thing in the morning. What’s one little piece of cake, right?

I check my emails and I get whacked with another craving so I pop another Chocolate Sponge Finger in my mouth and carry on working. A few minutes of successful work goes by. Another craving hits and I instinctively reach for another cake. What the fuck? There are none left!

Some asshole must have nibbling on my snacks and I am pissed off. I go to the cupboard to grab another pack. Yeah you guessed it, there are none left. It is only 9am and I am not in the right space of mind to do anything except pound the walls. I do a little bit of pacing around and it doesn’t help at all. I feel like I could climb the walls.

I slowly start calming down and I look back at my desk. I’m not sure why I thought some “asshole” (ie my loving, wonderful husband) ate all my cakes. The evidence is all there, the empty wrappers are all over my desk. Damn I am becoming my mom with those disgusting sweets!

5 days after quitting smoking

Ok really not all bad, she quit smoking and is still a non-smoker.

I lost 7 kgs in July when my tonsils were taken out and I had a long stretch of bad health. I am now 55kgs and my perfect weight is 60kgs. I can certainly eat a few cakes without feeling like a failure, actually I can eat 5kgs of cakes before I have a problem.

Can I Quit Smoking without gaining Weight?

Who knows, I have only been 5 days without a cigarette! The people I know that have quit found that eating really helped with cravings. Of course this can lead to weight gain which might be problematic for a lot of people.

I am very fortunate, I am not one of those people that put on weight easily and if I do put on a bit of weight I can lose it quite quickly without too much effort. Because of this I am also not too concerned about my weight.

That said I have eaten so much in the last 24 hours that I feel sick. I feel bloated and terrible. I don’t advise this route if you can help it. It makes me feel better in the moment, yes it takes the craving away. BUT I can’t pop a piece of cake in my mouth every time I have a craving. Perhaps chewing gum, peppermints or biltong (beef jerky) would be a much better alternative to cake?

Can I quit smoking without gaining weightThe truth is why worry about a little weight gain when you are thinking of quitting smoking. Smoking is dangerous and will kill you. Once you have quit smoking you can lose the extra weight right? When you die from smoking… well, you’re dead so nothing more to worry about. I think a few extra kgs is nothing to worry about in the bigger scheme of things.

So what does a cigarette craving feel like?

I get a sudden feeling of euphoria, a feeling that suddenly says “hey Lynne, something fucking A is on the way! It’s a …. cigarette!”.

I get a deja vu feeling, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and often I get a shiver down my spine.

The next thing to come is the empty feeling, the loss of smoking, such disappointment. Nothing but a cigarette (or drugs/ alcohol) can fill that emptiness. I feel angry and annoyed. It is whirlwind of emotions and feelings. A lot of it is very physical too.

At times these cravings are like a roller coaster, coming fast and furious without relenting. Other times it is like being in a little boat on a pond. There are ripples of cravings coming but they are gentle and easy to ride out.

What does a cigarette craving like like

The hard part for me is that I never know what type of day will come tomorrow. What I have seen the last 5 days is there is no pattern with it getting easier by the day. It is up and down and all over the place.

All I do know is I want these uncomfortable feelings to go away! I can feel my nicotine addict chipping away at my determination.

I know this update doesn’t sound great, but 5 days is a huge achievement for me and for any other smoker! I hope this is just the start of my journey and I can share more success with you soon.

Have you quit smoking? I would love to hear about your experience.

Check out my progress at 2 weeks and at 30 days!



  1. renelyn says:

    while reading it, I remember some of my relatives that addicted in smoking even though they are so young. they involve in friends smoking addiction. so difficult to let them quit. In one day, they can finish more than 5 boxes of the cigarette.
    thank you for sharing this content I can share it through facebook so that a lot of people will be aware of this simple way in reminding them.

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Renelyn

      Nicotine is highly addictive and it catches you young! Once you realise you are addicted it is too late. Thanks for sharing!

    • alisonklingvall says:

      Hi Lynne
      Wow I admire what you’re doing.
      I finally quit smoking for good early this year
      I wasnt a pack a day physically addicted smoker though. For me I will be triggered by social situations and alcohol.
      If I wasn’t out I wouldn’t want a cigarette although once in a while I would have one when stressed
      Now I am at the stage where I don’t think about it and I have been able to get away from my old way of thinking that smoking was cool and represented freedom and fun, I have trained myself to see it for what it is; something that robs me of fitness, health, youth, beauty, money and in the end probably time…I don’t look at someone smoking with envy now, I pity them. It feels good to say that!
      You and your partner have done brilliantly, maybe it’s time for the two of you to take up walking regularly to replace the ciggies (and now the sweets) with something else. Form a healthy addiction together..just my 2 cents and you probably don’t need to hear my advice but it’s an idea;)
      Anyway, hats off to you..i have a friend in AA also and she smokes and drinks diet coke excessively and that seems to be her thing instead of booze..I think you have done so well to steer past the smokers at your meetings. Good on you.
      All the best!

      • Lynne says:

        Hi Alison

        Yes hubby has taken up a gym membership and goes 3 times a week and I plan to start very soon 🙂 Now you mentioned the Coke.. well that is another of our problems. We drink way too much Coke! That is on my list of things to cut out, but one thing at a time.

        Thanks for your support and your advice! It is always appreciated. We live right on the beach and I have started taking a walk on the beach in the morning before I start work and it really has been helping a lot.

      • EVE HOLLIFIELD says:

        What a nice response! I am currently trying to turn around the drinking/smoking..I am five days in. I was an avid gym freak, but lately, I have been lost, feeling my life has spun out of control. My chest aches, my face is sunken in, I have lost all of the muscle and beauty I have worked so hard for. Five days in though, I am trying my HARDEST to stick it out this time. Your article inspired me 🙂

        • Lynne says:

          You will so get it all back, just keep on plodding along. It will feel hard in the beginning but it will pick up momentum and soon you be feeling great. I’m now over 2 years free from cigarettes – best move ever/

        • Travis Smithers says:

          I have met a lot of people who use to smoke and like you they have said how hard it is to quit. You have got yourself through some of the hardest days but I do know it is a work in progress from what my friends have gone through.
          Its good that your husband is also teaming up with you to quit but does add a different twist to what can happen along your journey.
          All I can say is stick with it and may these post reach as many people as possible to further help them as well.
          Any form of addiction is not easy for anyone, take care and keep helping others with your message.

          • Lynne says:

            Hi Travis

            Thank you for your kind words of support! Yes it is great now doing it with my husband. He has tried to quit a number of times but I never attempted it. He has always done quit well but always gone back to smoking, probably because it is so hard already and then I was smoking too!

          • marc says:

            Fantastic article you have here. You provide a great insight into what its like to quit smoking.

            Keep up the good work

            • Lynne says:

              Thanks Marc! I’m just hoping it gets easier because today is really tough. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this uncomfortable feeling!

            • Chris says:

              Hey Lynne,
              I quit smoking over ten years ago and I want to reassure you it does get easier.
              Also like you I have a mental illness and am medicated.
              I didn’t use any gum, electronic cigarette, patch or pill I used something better. Allan Carr’s book on quitting smoking was such a powerful tool that I found it easy to quit (at least initially.)
              This book is not full of shock tactics. As Allan states we already know the health and financial consequences of this addiction. So he simply realigns our belief systems around it and removes all the brain washing associated with this addiction.I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t already.
              From time to time I was very tempted to have just one puff but I stayed the course. I knew one puff would turn into another, and another…then you’re back to that whole filthy habit and a life time of slavery.
              I can’t tell you the immense pride and self satisfaction I get from conquering this addiction. And even when I did quit I still managed to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off.
              All the best, Chris.

              • Lynne says:

                Hi Chris

                Yes I read his book and it was brilliant! I mentioned that in my previous post. I would advised anyone wanting to quit smoking to read it. Congrats on quitting smoking, it takes a lot of determination. I am sure you have heard the saying about addiction “One is too many and a thousand is not enough”? If I have just one puff of a cigarette I will be back on a box a day and I know that for a fact. There is no such things as cutting down or having the odd smoke.

              • Hindy Pearson says:

                Hi Lynne, You’re a brave woman to share your journey with all of us. Not many would open their souls up and be as honest as you have been. You write with such emotion I swear I could almost feel what you are going with. Your words are powerful, who knows how many others fighting an addiction will find comfort and strength in your story. I know it’s a tough journey, but I hope you’re proud of how far you’ve come. I look forward to your next update.

                • Lynne says:

                  Thanks Hindy, I am glad you are enjoying my posts! I hope to inspire others to get over their addictions. Yes it is hard, but it CAN be done.

                • Victor says:

                  Congrats on your success with kicking the habit. I’m 5 days in myself and this post helps, thanks!

                  • Lynne says:

                    Hey Victor, well done that is amazing. Keep it up, it does get really tough at times but it is worth it. So glad this post could help you.

                  • Lorna Maass says:

                    5 days in,give up smoking dope and the fags.The first thing i noticed was my lips seemed plump and my gums looked pinker,also didn’t have that cotton wool feeling on my tongue anymore.Every time i feel like a smoke i clean my teeth gently also started doing face yoga.Its 7 30 am and i know its going to be a long day as i am craving the weed so am up and off for a swift walk with my life saving little Jack.Have a nice day Lynne.

                    • Lynne says:

                      I wish you strength and peace Lorna 🙂 if you have reached 5 days clean from weed and cigs then really you can do this!

                      Going for a walk is a great way to distract yourself so enjoy!

                    • Ashley says:

                      I just went cold turkey from smoking cigarettes, and I am on a spiritual journey to get closer with God. Now I have to help my husband, and motivate him to quit. I quit November 1,2016 and I am happy and grateful. The side effects/withdrawal symptoms are kind of annoying, but through prayer and love I can do it. I have purchased my husband a vape thingy, and prayerfully this will help him to quit. God bless each and everyone of you and your determination to kick this addiction.

                      • Lynne says:

                        Well done Ashley, if you can do 5 days you can make it for sure. Just keep with your determination and yes your faith can certainly help you along the way.

                        My husband started vaping when I quit smoking last year but he is still hooked on the vape! Good luck with helping him to get off cigarettes too!

                        • Ashley says:

                          Thank you so much, and I pray for blessings and strength for your family as well. God Bless You Love!

                          • Lynne says:

                            Thanks Ashley! Strength and love to you to get through this too!

                          • Denise says:

                            Well today is my first day of deciding it’s time to give up the Cigs after 34 years,and I am getting physically sick from them. I have had 5 today,and it’s usually a pack at least..Tomorrow is the big day ..I pray I can be a NON- SMOKER.. I am ready !

                            • Lynne says:

                              Oh my gosh Denise, congrats! I really hope that my posts help you in some way. It is tough, but I have now been without a cigarette for 1 year and 2 months and it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

                              Stay in touch and let us know how it goes.

                            • Pania says:

                              Hey Lynne, I’m 5 days clean after smoking for 40 yrs. I recently joined a dragon boat club that I enjoy a lot but discovered quickly that my habit was affecting my performance. I’ve never tried to give up before but on a whim I jumped on YouTube, pulled up a quit smoking hypnosis video, got comfy and promptly fell asleep. I woke up halfway through wondering what I’d missed, went through it again and made the choice to stop, not give up, not wait till I’d finished my remaining cigarettes, just stop. When I have a trigger, I have a very strong image of myself trying my first ever cigarette as an 8 yr old child while playing in a sandpit. That is enough to override ANY trigger. I have triggers and temptation all around me but the 8 yr old inside of me will win every time. Thanx for your story, it was a great read?

                              • Lynne says:

                                Congrats Pania, I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I missed your comment. I so hope you are still nicotine free 🙂

                                Yes I am sure that hypnosis works, I know a few people that have tried it and they say it took away almost all of the urge to smoke and the cravings.

                                It is great to visualise something like that. Well done. Every time I think of smoking, I think of my 3 year old telling me she is going to grow up and be just like me, so she is going to smoke. That gives me chills.

                              • Mikee B. says:

                                Hi Lynne, really love your post ‘kicking off this habit” I’m on my 1st week without smoking (7 years)- it’s tough (Withdrawal Symptoms) though it’s worth to stop. I really hope that you and your husband will conquer this habit easily and so do I. 🙂 – I really want to thank my family and specially to my girlfriend “Krstn” for always discouraging me to stop smoking. -Smoking will gives you a cool look (definitely) but kills you softly- Happy Holiday Lynne!

                                • Lynne says:

                                  Congrats on quitting smoking Mikee that is great news!

                                  I actually wrote this post last year (2015) October and I am now over a year nicotine free. It feels wonderful. My husband has not smoked a cigarette but he is on the vape. I wish he could understand how bad it is.

                                  • Mikee B. says:

                                    Thanks Lynne. I’m on my 3rd week now- it feels really good. 😉 I know your husband will totally understand and definitely quit smoking.

                                    • Lynne says:

                                      Mikee that is great news, seriously you have done the hardest bit now. I found from about a month onwards it got so much easier and even though I got the odd craving it wasn’t a horrible, uncomfortable and strong feeling like the first few weeks.

                                    • Joshua J. says:

                                      I’m on day five. Recovering alcoholic recently. Smoke a pack a day. Smoke weed every so often. Day five with nothing… I feel bad for my wife cuz of my nightmares and shaking at night. But she is proud of me and will do anything to help. I am craving right now. I have a broken cig in my truck that I could fix. But I can’t cuz I won’t. I should get rid of it but it’s like a weird reminder not to smoke

                                      • Lynne says:

                                        Joshua well done and keep going, seriously the first few days are so rocky and you are doing so great.

                                        I am sure your wife is going to be so pleased when you have gotten over the worst of it. Now that I have been a non-smoker for well over a year I can see how chained I was by my smoking addiction and how powerful it truly is.

                                        Keep on going and know it will be so much better and you will be so grateful you pushed through all the uncomfortable feelings.

                                      • Zach Bowens says:

                                        I am now on day five… I think Ive read all of your post. And all of the responses you had since over a year ago when you first started Lynne…

                                        I’m having all of those withdrawal symptoms you and others have plus excessive coughing and phelm in my throat..!

                                        I use to smoke atleast a pack of cigs a day for 15 years… I feel tempted everyday that goes by…

                                        You had very inspiring story to help me for at least one more day…. Lol. Thank you

                                        One cig can make all this go away..!

                                        I’m going to be stronger than that that..

                                        One question though…..

                                        Do you still fight through urges to smoke even though you’ve been smoke free for a lil over a year now…?

                                        Its very depressing to think this addiction will haunt me for years or the rest of my life…!

                                        • Lynne says:

                                          Hi Zach

                                          The worst was the first few days, then at three weeks I hit a really hard patch again. After that it got a lot easier but I would say the first few months were rocky.

                                          Now over one year later? No I don’t crave cigarettes at all. Every now and then I get a fleeting thought that oh it would be nice to have a smoke and it just takes me by surprise but no uncomfortable feeling or craving.

                                          I feel absolutely wonderful now, it was worth all those horrible feelings in the beginning. You have seriously made it through the worst part, so please keep going! It would be such as waste to give in now when you are so close to feeling a bit better.

                                          • Mal says:

                                            Hi, I quite cigarette 8 April 2017 so now five day but as all says it is not easy task but nothing is impossible. What I did I can share my experience.

                                            1- strong decision
                                            2- stay from smokers
                                            3- drink lot of water
                                            4- running
                                            5- pomegranate juice
                                            6-orange juice
                                            7- green tea
                                            8- keep your self busy
                                            9- smoke free your car
                                            10- stop hanging out with smokers for sometimes
                                            11- brush your teeth 3 times a day.
                                            12- gum,gym and swimming
                                            13- keep your self in good mood be relax
                                            14- eat nutes
                                            15- committee to your self be confidence
                                            16- don’t drink beer or any other alcohol for sometimes
                                            This what I did and I was 25-30 cigarettes smoker for day
                                            If someone try this I’m sure it will help a lot.

                                            • Lynne says:

                                              Hey Mal thanks for sharing your tips and well done on your achievements so far. I hope you are still going strong!

                                            • Sheri says:

                                              Today is my 5th day free of smoking. I’ve given up before for a few months an then started again An now I’m finding it so much harder to give up..
                                              I have no patience With my children I find myself short tempered An I’m eating so much!
                                              I can’t afford to put on weight Iv been swimmining an done a lot of walking but I’m eating twice as much coz the cravings..
                                              I need advice please ?
                                              Thank you

                                              • Lynne says:

                                                Hi Sheri

                                                I am sure it is harder if you are doing it again. I know my sister found it terribly hard to quit after she started again after being a non-smoker for 3 years. Try focus on being patient with your children rather than worry about the things you are eating. You can always lose the weight that you put on, but you can’t take back the clock with your kids. I am now 2 years free from smoking and still trying to lose the extra padding, but I am so happy I quit smoking and so grateful that I managed to get to where I am.

                                                Try and stick with it Sheri, you have already done 5 days!

                                              • Dilawar says:

                                                Hi Sheri,
                                                Please read this book by Allen Carr, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. Its my sixth day, and honestly I am enjoying it. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are very mild and east to cope with. The biggest problem is the brainwashing that society and we being an individual has enforced on us. Please read this book and you will find quitting as an act of fun rather than an ordeal.

                                                • Lynne says:

                                                  I also read that book Dilawar and I found it a great read, I also highly recommend Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking! I am glad you are doing well, I take it that you are on your 6th day of not smoking or are you on day 6 of reading the book? He does recommend smoking throughout reading the book which I found really refreshing and non-threatening. He certainly changed the way that I thought about smoking.

                                                  In my article sharing how to quit smoking I recommend that book.

                                                  • Dilawar says:

                                                    I am now on my 8th day. And I am glad to say that it has been smooth sailing so far. Lynne, in my case I had already decided to quit before opening the book. But when I read the instructions to smoke while reading, I had to scavenge for cigarettes. When he allows you smoke while reading the book, he sort of reassures you that quitting is not a very difficult thing to do. Definitely, this book completely change my perception about smoking.

                                                    • Lynne says:

                                                      Yes it is an amazing change in mindset. When I was a smoker I never thought I would be able to quit and it felt like I would die if I considered it… and while it was tough it was possible.

                                                    • Loesje Schildkamp says:

                                                      Hi, I know it has been years since you wrote this but would still like to share my experience. After 33 years of 30 cigarettes a day this is my fifth day of non smoking.. It is hard, really hard. For me the hardest is that I haven’t dlept for four nights. I fall asleep about 150 times per night but wake up every time after a minute or so.. the nights have never been this long. I really hope I will feel better soon. I sm absolutely determined to quit do even though tempted.. I won’t touch a cigarette ever again

                                                      • Lynne says:

                                                        I missed your comment here and I really hope that you have managed to stay away from the cigarettes. I know it is so hard in the beginning but it will get easier and you have come so far. I struggled with my sleep too for a while, but now that I haven’t been smoking for more than 2 years I sleep so much better than I did as a smoker. You’ve just got to push through!

                                                      • Ahmed says:

                                                        6th day without a cigarette after smoking 1 pack for 20 years, and I have no withdrawal symptoms!!! is this normal?

                                                        • Lynne says:

                                                          Congrats Ahmed that is great – well not every day will be a day where you crave and struggle so consider this a good day and be grateful. Try and keep in mind that quitting smoking is not a straight road, so there may be plenty of hurdles coming you way with regards to cravings… but I hope it continues this well for you and that you succeed in becoming a non-smoker!

                                                        • Mike says:

                                                          Hi Lynne
                                                          Day five for me, the mind is playing games, the body is feeling odd all over the place. But it’s been great to read through your posts and the many comments you’ve had from followers.
                                                          Life as an addict takes a bit of getting used to. From being a workoholic to being an alcoholic/dope addict has/is an interesting challenge. I have stopped smoking twice before, once when I was very young (14years old), lasted about 8 months and then after a few drinks with the boys I had one and my first job the next morning was a trip to the shop. That started me off again for another 30 odd years. Then after an Alan Carrs course I kicked the habit for five plus years. My health is reasonable, but I have a number of friends that are suffering badly and I’ve recently buried my mother after a slow death caused from smoking.
                                                          For all those that are having a go at kicking the habit, keep trying and never stop trying, it does get easier and life gets better being free of those fags. Just remember, having one now will only make tomorrow harder. Be free, I know if I have a drink, it’d be like trying to live life on ice. You stay strong Lynne, make your children proud

                                                          • Lynne says:

                                                            Congrats on reaching 5 days Mike, I hope it is 6 now 🙂

                                                            Oh yes the mind will start playing tricks on you big time. Thanks for sharing your experience and your positive message with me and everyone else that visits my website. You are so right, it is so important to always keep trying and never give up!

                                                          • Mike Shears says:

                                                            Hey Lynne,

                                                            Day 5 successfully done and the best so far. I still have cravings but they are lessening. I smoked 25/ day and have smoked continuously for 35 years. Thanks for your inspiring post and interesting comments from others in your community.

                                                            One of the ways I celebrate each day is to search on whichever quit day I’m on and try and understand the benefits, and other people’s experiences, to motivate me. I am kinda obsessed with smoking, as you will know when quitting you rarely think of anything else. I am also not sleeping until the early hours, but when I do fall asleep I sleep well enough. I also have my big drinking and even bigger smoking sister staying with me this week, although she is proud of what I’ve achieved and has even cut down a little.

                                                            I have lots of cigarettes in the house and could smoke at anytime. However, this motivates and encourages me not to smoke. I am also on Champix the stop smoking wonder drug. I do think it takes the edge off the craving, but they are still there. It is certainly not the total answer and you need will power to really quit.

                                                            Well done you and best of luck for the future.

                                                            Mike in England, Great Britain

                                                            • Lynne says:

                                                              Mike congrats on making it so far, the first few days were so bad for me, I was hanging on by a thread! I never tried Champix but I have heard of it. I hope it helps you 🙂

                                                              Best of luck moving forward with quitting, if you have done 5 days you can so do it. I can promise you that 2+ years down the line every struggle I faced and all the pain of quitting was worth it to be where I am today.

                                                            • hollie says:

                                                              I am going on day five myself. For the past 2 years I have picked up smoking up to (2) packs of cigs…and drink about 6-8 tall cans of beer. I been so stressed out with a stressful relationship and it caused me to do this. I am in my early 40’s and know this is bad…but I am trying so hard now to stop. The cigs caused dark circles under my eyes, gain weight in tummy, dull hair. yellow stained teeth, and now I quit it does feels good on my lungs as I am not out of breath, my teeth is getting brighter, my dark circles is slowly getting better around my eyes…I almost cheated today, but I didn’t Lets all remain strong…sometimes I pray and ask for help too, you will be surprised how your thoughts will be redirected

                                                              • Lynne says:

                                                                Hollie it is really tough giving up smoking – especially for the first few days. Congrats on reaching day 5 – I hope you are still nicotine free 🙂 Just remember that using anything outside of yourself (drinking, smoking, drugs, food etc) to cope is most likely not a healthy coping mechanism. Toxic relationships will cause you loads of stress and so will breakups. Have you considered therapy? It can really help you to process your feelings in a healthy way 🙂

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