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Welcome to my website!

If you are reading this then you must either be an addict or perhaps someone you love is an addict?

Addiction is a truly horrific problem to have, for the addict and the loved ones of an addict.

The reason I started this site is the hope that my story can serve as an inspiration to others that are still struggling with their addictions. I would like to share everything I have learned that has helped me in the hopes that just one person can be free from the chains of addiction.

If I am alive today and working a program of recovery there is hope for every single addict and alcoholic. I am living proof. I ask that if I share anything that captures your interest that you get involved on my site by leaving a comment. I plan on sharing many of my experiences, the good and the bad with you. I hope that in doing so you gain something from it.

So now to me and my journey with addiction.

I started drinking when I was 14 years old and from that moment my life changed for the worse. I spent the next 15 years making a mess of everything in my life. Hurting myself, those I love and everyone around me.

I have many labels:

  • drug addict
  • sex and love addict
  • nicotine addict
  • alcoholic
  • self harmer
  • codependant
  • bipolar disorder

I could probably add in workaholic, spending addict, sugar addict and caffeine addict! (Cross addiction is something I will also be addressing on my website.)

Lynne HuysamenIn 2008 at the age of 29 years I finally made it into a rehabilitation facility and I have managed to stay sober since then. My path has not always been easy and I still struggle often, but the truth is that no matter how bad my life gets in recovery having a drink or taking drugs will not make anything better.

Even my worst day in recovery is better than my best day using.

Every day I am grateful for another day clean and for all the gifts that recovery has given me.

I love comments and interacting with my readers to please leave a comment!

Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Mark says:

    Hello Lynne
    I commend you for your bravery and determination in getting yourself clean and sober.
    I’ve never taken drugs and only drink occasionally (and never spirits) so I don’t know what it’s like to be in the grip of addiction and I never want to, so I can only imagine how rough things must have become for you at times.
    I also commend you for being willing to front up about these issues when for a lot of people it would have been intensely personal and too painful to admit it to the world essentially.
    Good luck with your continued daily battle, I hope you find building and sharing your website therapeutic.
    My very best wishes to you Lynne.

    • Lynne says:

      Thanks Mark.
      It truly was a terrible place I was in and I feel for every other addict and alcoholic that has not found recovery. There is such a better way of life and it is possible to live a normal life again. I will soon be sharing some of my experiences during active addiction, which I am sure some people will find quite scary and shocking.
      Kind Regards

    • Stefan says:

      Hey Lynne

      I adore your openness and determination. I think what you’re doing is of great value and relates to many out there!

      Just a personal note: I’d love to see you looking up on the profile picture 😉 You’re such a brave and beautiful woman putting yourself on the line. With eye contact, you’re putting your soul power in it.

      I know, it requires inner strength and self security. And looking at the way you’ve come, you’ve got the best reason to feel that way. It has nothing to do with being perfect…

      Take your time and think about it.
      Cheers, Stefan

      • Lynne says:

        Thanks Stefan 🙂

        I will make sure to take a new profile pic soon! Thank you for your kinds words, much appreciated.

        Kind Regards

      • Alexandra says:

        Hi Lynne,
        What a great thing to share your journey online! I have never smoked, but I did get in the grips on alcohol not long after my daughter was born in the midst of post natal depression. It didn’t make me feel better, like you say, it never will, but it is a coping mechanism, albeit a VERY bad one. My husband’s was a porn addiction (yes it exists) and nearly broke up our marriage. I’ve also had a very strong relationship with my fridge, which brings its own problems. Addiction so easy to get into, tough to get out of. So many years can be wasted. Very best wishes. You are an inspiration 🙂

        • Lynne says:

          Hi Alexandra, thanks for sharing your experience. You have brought up something I am really keen to get out there to my readers, there are so many things a person can get addicted to. So many people think addiction is just alcohol and drugs. Addiction can also mean food, work, sex, love, gambling, self harm, relationships, exercise, internet, Facebook…. the list is endless. I hope to cover all these topics in time so please come back and check it out!

        • Linda says:

          Hi, Lynne.
          This was sure an interesting site. You are a great woman who have found the strength we all have inside. I am so happy for you, and I wish you all the best on your journey. Remember to love yourself all the way along the road that leads towards your goal and living your mission!
          Live, Laugh, Love
          Linda 🙂

          • Lynne says:

            Hi Linda, thank you for such a positive and beautiful message! That is something I really want to get across to all addicts and alcoholics too. We can all do it, we all have the strength… we just need to be able to tap into it!

          • Larry says:

            Lynne – quite a site, lots of good info and ideas. I have bookmarked it
            I class myself as a stopped smoker rather than a non-smoker – stopped mid pack 25 years ago.I made it a personal decision, not a crusade.

            • Lynne says:

              Hi Larry, well done that is really awesome. No idea how you managed to stop smoking mid pack though, that is something I would never have been able to do. The fact I had 3 cigarettes left in my box which I broke and threw away 30 September before I went to bed still haunts me. I keep thinking I should have just chain smoked them instead hahaha. Funny how the mind works?

            • Marie-Louise says:

              Hey Lynne,
              You are an inspiration to me not just because of where you’ve been and what you have survived. I lived in hell… I know the depth of that hole. But because you are; a truly an amazing person! Putting yourself out there to help others, and not just people with addiction… <3

              • Lynne says:

                Hi Marie-Louise. Thank you for your kind words, it really is appreciated.

              • Val says:

                So good to see the lady you have become. Confident, brave and passionate about helping others from your own pain. Proud to call you family.

                • Lynne says:

                  Thanks Auntie Val, nice to see you visiting my website! Thank you for being someone I can always look up to.

                  The fact that you, mom, Uncle Terry and Auntie Brenda all gave up smoking years ago really gave me inspiration. And of course Jo too more recently. I was really the only one left wasn’t I? Not sure if Sue managed to stay stopped?

                • Margaret says:

                  Yes, like Val, I am proud to call you family. I have been a witness to your journey. Looking at your photo I can see such a difference from 7 years ago. You look healthy and happy. Johanna says she is also proud of you and that you are an inspiration to her.

                  • Lynne says:

                    Thanks Mom! You have been such great support every step of the way, I don’t think I would have made it without everything you and Dad did for me.

                  • Brenda says:

                    Dear Lynne. I know the long, hard road that you have been through and I am so impressed with how you have turned your life around in such an incredible way. We all know the stats on addictions and you are showing others it can be done as well as giving them iinspiration to keep trying. I am so proud of the beautiful lady, mother and wife that you have become. Keep up the good work. Love Brenda xx

                    • Lynne says:

                      Thanks for visiting my website Brenda. Thank you for all the support from you and all my other aunties. It really does make a huge difference to me that I know I have so many people on my side, even if you are not very physically close. I look forward to spending time with you over Christmas!

                    • Robert Basaker says:

                      Lynne, I enjoyed your website, love the title and the Fuck it blog. Your story, much like mine and many others is an inspiration to change. I remember a few quotes from mentors of mine. That helped me through the dark days.
                      “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”
                      Tony Robbins

                      • Lynne says:

                        Hey Robert, thanks for visiting. I am so glad you like my website and enjoyed the Fuck It blog, I honestly enjoyed writing it and doing the video. Lot so fun. Thanks for sharing the quote that helped you, I love sharing what works for me in the hopes it might help someone else.

                      • Dirk says:

                        I appreciate how honest you write and speak, hopefully inspire some other addicts to quit. What do you think about the non-addicted users of alcohol, drugs and sex? Can it be healthy too?

                        • Lynne says:

                          Hi Dirk

                          I’m glad you have enjoyed my website 🙂 Well of course, sex can be healthy lol! I do think a lot of people experiment and of course teenagers are notorious for going through a wild patch and being rebellious. That doesn’t equal drug addict though.

                          There is a healthy and an unhealthy side to most things, it is about being aware of oneself.

                        • kari says:

                          Great web site! I hope this doesn’t sound harsh but I’m glad you went through all the crap you did. It left you with an amazing gift to give to others.
                          My first husband was an addict, and unfortunately the end result for him was death. You have the gift to change (and possibly save) lives.

                          • Lynne says:

                            Hi Kari

                            Not harsh at all lol, that is what this website is all about. The truth about addiction. It is an ugly and scary thing to have to face for sure, but like you say I came out stronger and better for it.

                            I am sorry to hear about your first husband. It is very sad that addiction takes so many lives.

                          • Debbi says:


                            This site is fantastic and so needed. Someone very close to me has gone through this. As far as I know, he’s still clean but it’s a constant struggle everyday. I’ve seen the devastation it causes not only on the body but those around you especially kids. I always say kids don’t always listen to what you say, but they DO watch what you do.

                            I’ve learned that you can’t fix someone until they are ready to be fixed. You’ve addressed all that here and more.

                            I applaud how far you’ve come and what you’ve done as a result. Keep up the good work. We’ll be watching. 🙂

                            • Lynne says:

                              Hi Debbi

                              Yes it can be a struggle at times, especially in early recovery. And even now 7 years in recovery I have my moments! I am just so fortunate that I had my kids in recovery, that is something I am conscious of and grateful for each and every day.

                            • Suzanne says:

                              Hi Lynne,

                              Very brave and open to write about your own addiction in the form of a blog…don’t know if I could be that brave. I am also in recovery over here in the UK and love it. Recovery has completely transformed my life into something I could never have imagined it would.

                              thank you for your honesty

                              • Lynne says:

                                Hi Suzanne
                                Congrats on getting clean, that is wonderful to know. To be honest I love it, it is liberating and makes me feel free 🙂

                              • Trisha says:

                                Hi Lynne, My daughter is my qualifier for Naranon and reading your site right now as without our recent discoveries, I would have no reason to search for this info or help. I’ve suspected but my master manipulator always convinced me otherwise. She has always preached she’s a naturalist and was taking herbs and tinctures and would have a slew of items from whole foods,etc. and even share fun natural products with me….all the time covering up an addiction to Norco, Vicodin, Adderral, Soma, Kratam…the list goes on. Found out recently when her landlord contacted me saying she called him hallucinating. Everything was catching up with her. And she knew she was going to implode when it all went down. Boy, have I learned a lot and now know why my stress was validated and real. My life was unmanageable and out of control and I have spent every penny keeping her afloat because she convinced me her consistent job loss was for so many other reason and/or even if she was working, she was always broke and I had to pay rent. She was buying all her pills off the street. Thank God she didn’t go the cheap route and start heroine! So, today. She is in a sober living facility and is happy. I am hopeful. She said this is the first time in years she has been clean. It’s not easy but she’s immersing herself in meetings, church groups and reading. Thanks for listening and thanks for this site.

                                • Lynne says:

                                  Hi Trisha

                                  Yes those are all typical addict behaviours! I am so glad to hear that she is now clean and in a sober living facility. It sounds like she is doing all the rights things and if you are going to Naranon then you are too. I wish you both the best! Thanks for visiting my website, I really hope it is providing you with useful information.

                                • Chris Freeman says:

                                  Hi Lynne , this is Chris from SOBERCOMMAND. I love your site and would love to include you into the UNITED SOBERVERSE. It is a collection and association of various recovery based website from around the planet. We are in the process of design and development phase of our new site. sobercommand.org. When you have moment could we schedule a time to talk. . thanks for all the great work you are doing – it matters. By the way I am also the twitter admin for a number of recovery feeds that you may know.

                                  • Lynne says:

                                    Hi Chris, I so enjoyed our chat and I am so looking forward to seeing how we can help to spread the message of recovery! Thank you so much for reaching out.

                                  • rahul amin says:

                                    Thank you very much for your informative and Educative post. I think it is very useful content for every person. Again thanks for sharing with us.

                                    • Lynne says:

                                      Hey Rahul

                                      Thank you, I am glad you found my website useful!

                                      • rahul amin says:

                                        thanks for your reply

                                        • Lynne says:

                                          Any time Rahul 🙂

                                        • Dana says:

                                          I found you because I am 5 days smoke free. But started reading and reading and wow. My brother is currently fighting alcoholism and it’s tough for all of us and I am definitely going to show this to him and get your book. I did also order the fuck it books Haha. I need to learn to say fuck it way more often. Thanks for being here!

                                          • Lynne says:

                                            Congrats on making it to 5 days Dana, I am now 17 months clean from nicotine and yes as you can see from my posts it was hard to quit but I can now promise you that it is so worth it! Keep going and before you know it things will be so much easier and you will be so happy you battled through it! And yes saying Fuck It really does help. Bizarre but true 🙂

                                            I hope my website can help your brother, and the rest of your family too.

                                          • Kristine Morana says:

                                            Hi Lynne,

                                            I just wanted to follow up and see if your website lynnelivingwithaddiction.com is currently accepting guest blog posts.

                                            If yes, please let me know asap so I can prep a high quality, unique piece of content that will engage and inform your visitors.

                                            Either way I hope to hear from you.

                                            Best Wishes,

                                            • Lynne says:

                                              Hi Kristine

                                              I am so sorry I missed your comment here, you can email me at lynne@kaboutjie.com 🙂

                                              And yes I do accept guest posts.

                                            • Sue Humphreys says:

                                              My Special Special Lynne

                                              i am ashamed to say tonight is the first time I have read your book “the darkest hour is just before Dawn” or been on your website. As your aunt this is unacceptable, Been in my own selfish and self involved space for far too long.. My daughter went on long before me , encouraged me to do and I still didn’t . FInally did tonight and love your style , your words and strangely loved reading all your experiences . Painful but with your normal witty sense of humour and always making interesting and witty painful times.

                                              I am so sorry for not knowing enough and even when I did know more not being there for you. I love you so much and commit to more involvement in your life. I am so proud of your path and so happy you are through the worst , with a special man and two awesome children (my great niece and nephew) who I don’t even know,
                                              Can’t wait to see you end April and wanted or not, you are getting the biggest and longest hug and kiss ever

                                              Love you so much
                                              Your aunt Sue

                                              • Lynne says:

                                                Aww Sue thanks for your kind words! Yes Kelly got me on Facebook and asked ever so nicely to have the ebook lol. I just could not say no.

                                                I am glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 You have been very supportive and I also remember to talking to Kelly online while I was in treatment and she was such a sweetheart. I will always remember that and she was only about 10 at the time, asking me all sorts of questions.

                                              • Luther Wood says:

                                                WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I’m actually speechless which is a rare thing for me. I can’t say anymore at this time. I can’t see the screen for the tears. Yes, Men do cry and I’m not ashamed. It’s a way to wash away the sorrow I have for you.You are so,FUCkING, brave. I’m so proud of you as my new, best, friend.

                                                Later, LMW

                                                • Lynne says:

                                                  Of course men cry too Luther, I’ve seen it with my own eyes – especially in rehab. I am so glad that you read my ebook Luther,maybe if you bump into someone that is an addict or alcoholic one day you will be able to make the world a better place by having a better understanding of the problem they are facing. That is why I wrote that ebook.

                                                  My choice was to get clean or carry on living like that. I am so glad that I chose life.

                                                  Thank you for your support Luther, it is the support that my readers give me that gives me the strength to keep on spreading the message of recovery in the hopes that it helps someone.

                                                • Adam says:

                                                  i really like that your honest enough to admit your faults. a lot of people hide who they are and pretend they have this perfect hunky dory life when really its a big bag of steamy ass shit, or not even that, its just the same as everyone elses big bag of steamy ass shit and thats ok. everyone is the same at their core, or most people anyway. they have similar values, we all want money, we all want sex, we want an easy high whether its drugs or love or the gym or anything in between. anyway i’ll shit up now cause im not really going anywhere with this, just wanted to point out that its good your honest with yourself about who and what you are.

                                                • Anonymous says:

                                                  Dearest Lynn

                                                  You are SO brave and I wish I could give you a BIG hug!

                                                  I so wish that my Father were still alive, since your website may have helped him. He was an alcoholic in denial, And even when he did go to the AA (twice) and went for other rehabilitation, when my Mother threatened that we will leave, he always went back to it.

                                                  Thank you for sharing your story openly and with so much raw honesty, thank you for EVERY TIME that you make the right choice!

                                                  Oh my goodness, I’m crying writing this!

                                                  Big eHug to you, Lynn!
                                                  Daughter of an alcoholic father.

                                                  • Lynne says:

                                                    Thank you for your kind message of support and encouragement. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, it is so awful when someone you love is stuck in the cycle of addiction. I hope and pray that he finds his way.

                                                  • Ashley says:

                                                    Hello Lynne! I was on the Fempreneur’s Linked In page the other day and Lauren suggested I connect with you. She had read my blog and figured we may have something in common 🙂 I can see why! Your site is fantastic and I hear you are a fellow WA member!! It is a pleasure to ‘meet’ you. I would love to connect further.
                                                    Also, I read your MAT post and think you may be interested in reading mine: syringestosobriety.com/medication-assisted-treatment-taking-the-edge-off/
                                                    If you are interested in guest posting or would like to connect further shoot me an email.
                                                    Best of luck and great job with the site.

                                                    • Lynne says:

                                                      Hey Ashley! I am so sorry to take so long to reply to you here! I love Lauren to bits and I really want to spend some more time in her LinkedIn group but I never really get much of a chance to be on LinkedIn.

                                                      I hardly blog on this site anymore – I’m planning on doing most of my posts on my website lynnehuysamen.com

                                                      Leave a Reply