Battling Addiction: 5 Ways To Spur Yourself On

When you’re dealing with addiction, you accept that you’re in a lifelong battle. If you take your eye off the ball, you could end up going back a few steps; as such, you need to be spurring yourself on everyday, and reminding yourself that the voice in your head – the voice of your addiction – is smaller, and not as significant, as your voice. Keeping yourself focused can be difficult, but there are many ways to do so, and we’ve noted down 5 of them here.

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#1: Think about yourself

No matter what your addiction would have you feel or think, you are worth so much more than a life controlled by substances. You have things to achieve, memories to make, and you deserve to do this on your own terms. Recovery from addiction is ultimately about you, so remind yourself that you’re the focus here, and that your voice should prevail, not the one that is pulling you in a toxic direction.

#2: Keep your loved ones in mind

Addiction has a hurricane-like effect on your life, meaning that your family and friends invariably get pulled into the suffering. Think about all of the times that they have stood by you throughout your addiction, and how they never turned their backs on you, because of their love. Whilst recovery is complex, keeping your loved ones in mind can help you in the day-to-day of handling your addiction.

#3: Reward yourself for landmarks

As with anything that you’re trying to achieve, when you’ve reached certain points in your recovery, you need to celebrate! Getting those new veneers from a leading ultimo dentist, having dinner with your loved ones, and even walking around the park and appreciating your new outlook on life, are all great ways to reward yourself for how far you’ve come. And you deserve it!

#4: Make a bucket list

Looking to the future is always a great idea, and making a bucket list could help to keep you focused. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit Niagara Falls, or you want to drive around the country, or you’ve always wanted to skydive. Whatever it is that you want to do, keep your future in mind. This is a future that you may not have had if you were still in the throes of addiction.

#5: Remember how far you’ve come

Staying focused throughout your recovery will be a result of remembering how far you’ve come. A few years (or months) ago, you may have been living a life that you couldn’t even remember due to substance abuse, and now, you’re on the road to freedom. It’s a tough road, but the important thing to remember is that you’re on it. Think about all that you’ve achieved, and all that you could achieve still.

So, if you’re battling addiction, it’s important to remember that the journey will be a difficult one, and there is a lot to overcome. However, it is extremely worthwhile, and taking it day-by-day is important if you’re going to keep your addiction at bay. Spur yourself on, and keep these things in mind; your future will be brighter than you ever expected as a result.



  1. Mara says:

    Hi Lynne and what a wonderful website you have produced. I came to it through this article on how we can spur ourselves on and I took a good look around at some of your other pages. There are so many good resources here, and lots of things I’m sure all types of addicts will relate to. My favourite thing on this page is the advice to reward yourself for reaching certain landmarks. I think this is so important for everyone, and not just addicts. Life is hard these days, whatever challenges we all face, and having little goals with rewards to ourselves when they are reached is great. It helps keep me focused on what I actually want to do during a day, and it’s really satisfying to reward yourself for a job well done, or whatever task/goal you’ve set yourself. Thanks for some very useful tips, Mara.

  2. Agnes says:

    You have shared very useful information here. Addiction really might be terrible for the person and his family and friends as well. Maybe he is so much down, that he hasn’t any more friends or the worst case is if he has been left on his own by the family as well. Addiction might mean being antisocial too, either because of the reason mentioned or just because the addicted person isn’t interested in others. Maybe I’m too negative if I think that they don’t and can’t keep their beloved ones in their mind? Let’s be optimistic and hope that these tips in your article will be helpful for many! The most difficult question for me is how to help an addicted person if he doesn’t let it? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  3. Kevin says:

    This is some vital information Lynn thank you so much. I feel like addiction is one subject that gets overlooked or passed off way too often then it should be. It is a serious matter. I totally agree with keeping your loved ones in mind. 

    A person’s loved ones are there through the thick and thin. They suffer as well but they disregard that and stand by you with a good reason, they care. It is human nature to care about one an other its compassion. Individually everyone has there own version of showing compassion even if not made apparent.

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