Clear Your Mind: Why You Should Meditate Every Day

“The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you”

Most of you will have heard of meditation. When people say ‘meditation’ they probably think about men in a monastery somewhere in China. But mediating isn’t only for the religious, and it certainly isn’t about sitting in the same spot for hours on end. It actually has many benefits and is something which many successful people do each morning to prepare for the day ahead.

Why you should meditate every day

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Meditation Relieves Stress

Stress is one of those things that we all experience in our daily lives. It could be from work, personal things or even addiction. Stress can cause us to become anxious, ill and even depressed. Of course, the usual methods of dealing with anxiety and depression involve going to the doctors and receiving medication or enrolling in Christian depression counselling. However, meditating for just five minutes each morning can be massively beneficial to your mental health as it allows you to focus on your body, the flow of blood in your veins and your breathing. You can lock the world out for a few moments and connect to yourself.


Meditation involves you sitting in a quiet area, closing your eyes and usually listening to a tape of some kind. The tape will usually consist of the narrator telling you to relax your muscles, calm your breathing and listen to your body functioning. Spending the time each day to sit and meditate helps you connect to your body and gives you a sense of self-awareness. It is relaxing and energising all at once.

It Encourages You To Be Healthy

Meditation can also have an unexpected benefit; it can make you want to eat more healthy and practice a healthier lifestyle. The reason for this is your self-awareness allows you to connect to your body in a more integral way, which in turn makes you want to look after your body even more. Eating healthy, unprocessed foods and practicing gentle exercise such as yoga can really make you feel alive and invigorated.

It Makes You Happy

Spending that essential ‘me time’ each day can make you feel happier in the long run. Reducing your stress levels and taking care of your body can result in you feeling happy, relaxed and full of energy.

The Practice Benefits Cardiovascular and Immune Health

It’s not just your mental health that will benefit from practicing meditation each day. It’s also your body. Meditation actually releases certain chemicals into your bloodstream which open up your blood vessels and allow your blood pressure to drop. It can be a huge help to those who suffer from high blood pressure due to stress or medication, and could even negate the use of blood pressure medication. It is certainly a great way to keep your body flowing and oxygen reaching your essential organs. Relaxation can also make your immune system stronger, meaning that the next time a bug goes round the office, you might be able to avoid it.


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