Fuck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Unless you have heard of the book you probably think the title of my post is a little odd. Before I tell you about this book I would like to tell you how I came across it.

If you read my first post after I quit smoking you will see that I spoke about screaming Fuck It every now and then for no reason. I don’t know why I did this, it just sort of happened. The Fuck It just came out of me all on its own. The strange this is that this really helped me get through those first few days. It just released the craving a little bit for me.

Yes sometimes you just have to say Fuck It!

On hearing about my strange behaviour my sister assumed I had been practicing the Fuck It way… I said I’m sorry, what? Surely this must be a sign from my Higher Power that I need to know about this?

Anyway long story short the next time my sister came over she brought me her Fuck It book, written by John C. Parkin.

fuck it way

Here is my video review if you don’t feel like reading today.

What is Fuck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way about?

John C Parkin explains how we attach way too much meaning to things. We care too much about everything and when it comes down to it these things don’t really matter much now do they? If we let go of these attachments (and say Fuck It of course) we will experience freedom and more happiness.

If you don’t understand then let me explain it to you like this. We place importance on our job, on being on time for things, on not letting people down, on our weight, on what people think of us, on everything in our lives right? Then we are in a car accident and nearly lose our life… how much do all those little things matter now? We might have lost a lot of those things that mattered so much before, like our job for example… but we have our life so it now seems really small doesn’t it. Perhaps you didn’t even like you job in the first place, yet you place so much emphasis on it anyway.

The Fuck It way teaches you how to live in the moment, how to enjoy the now and how to say Fuck It when things in your life are not what you want. Fuck It and change it, or Fuck It and accept it, but to stop making it a problem in your life.

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What I Liked about the Fuck It Way

The thing I liked the most is the great humor. Ok I agree if might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I must admit that nearly everyone that knows me thinks I have a rather peculiar sense of humor.

Here is an a excerpt from the book, one of the ways to read the book:

Another great way to read this book is to read a section, then go out and tell people how much you are enjoying it and how your life is changing by the minute. In this way you benefit yourself (good karma for spreading the word), others (who benefit from the message) and me (who’s using all the proceeds from this book to build a house made of chocolate that I will slowly eat my way through, then claim the full amount on insurance, saying it was termites, and start the whole damn thing again).

I just loved that. I also loved the fact that I started laughing out loud and my spirit felt lighter, something that happened a lot throughout this book. Not only does John C Parkin teach you some great ways to relax, de-stress, make changes (or accept things) in your life but he does it in a fun and hilarious way.

He teaches a number of simple techniques to live your life the Fuck It way and shows various techniques for meditation, which is referred to the Fuck It Form. The first few Fuck It Forms are started in the basic sofa posture, where you slump on the couch like you’re watching tv. I think this is just great, especially because I tried it out and it actually works.

What I Disliked about the Fuck It Way

The only thing I disliked is the book was too short. I loved this book and I wanted more! I will have to read Fuck It Therapy: The Profane with to Profound Happiness to get my fix.

Who is this for?

This book is for everyone and anyone, whether you think you have room for improvement in your life of not. I honestly believe this will benefit everyone. Of course anyone that has a problem with profanity and find offence when people swear might just want to give this book a miss, but chances are when you saw the title of my post you left my website very quickly.

Another word of warning, there are parts of in the book that are quite blasphemous. If you are religious and take offence easily then this might not be for you. I don’t believe he intended to offend but I can certainly see how people might be upset! On that note it is interesting to see that John C Parkin’s parents were Anglican preachers.

What did this book do for me personally?

For starters it has made my heart lighter. I had so many laughs and giggles just reading the book that I think that made me a happier person. It feels good to laugh, it feels good to be happy.

I’ve applied the Fuck It Way to my life in a few ways already:

  • Before I even read the book I said Fuck It to smoking and it helped!
  • Wednesday last week was scorching hot. I said Fuck It to working, I went to the shop and bought 2 boogie boards and then picked my kids up from school early and we went to the beach.
  • I said Fuck It to my fears and insecurities and recorded a video for Youtube, yes for this post.

How has the Fuck It Way helped me:

  • I am a non smoker!
  • I am more relaxed
  • I feel lighter, more free than ever before
  • My kids thought I was the best mom ever and had a lovely afternoon playing at the beach
  • I played at the beach instead of being a moaning mom, I had fun
  • I have laughed more in the last 2 weeks then I have in a very long time
  • I have a Youtube video! YAY I have been wanting to do this for ages but I have been too scared.

Do I recommend Fuck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way?

Fuck yes, I do! Do yourself a favor and get this book. This is one spiritual self help book that I really do believe can change your life for the better.

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FYI John C Parkin and his wife Gaia have also founded a holistic centre called The Hill That Breathes in Italy. They hold regular Fuck It Weeks where they teach the Fuck It Way. I personally would love to be able to go one day.



  1. cheapkicksstore says:


    This sounds like an awesome book to read and congrats for finding away to beat such a strong habit. This article also reminds me of the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey. But I do agree we should all do ourselves a favor and live everyday like our last.

    • Lynne says:

      Thanks for visiting and your feedback. Yes I truly believe we frequently miss out on the now because we are worried about the past or the future. It really is a shame. This book really helped me see things in a much better light.

    • Josh says:

      ha ha ha…the excerpt from the book cracked me up. I am assuming that entire book is humorous.

      I remember struggling initially with meditation because my mind would keep wandering off and someone suggested I start with Guided Meditation and shared the “fuck that” video with me, it helped me greatly and I still use it when I am at work and things get a little stressful

      This book seems to be very similar in principle, thanks for sharing Lynne I am going to definitely check it out.

      • Lynne says:

        Hi Josh, then you like me might just have an odd sense of humor!

        If you enjoyed that excerpt (and you like the work fuck) the rest of the book will crack you up 🙂

        I’e never heard of that video I’ll have to go and search for it, however I’m a little hesitant doing a Youtube search for Fuck That… hmmm.

        Thanks for the feedback and so glad you enjoyed my review.

        • Josh says:

          Perhaps I should have mentioned it earlier, here’s the link:

          • Lynne says:

            Hey Josh, thanks for sharing it.

          • Doug says:

            Hello Lynne ,

            First off all I am not an Addict or an Alcoholic. When I first started reading your blog Fuck It I was quite shocked.

            My first thought was,Is she a Nutter ? But after a few paragraphs I realised no she is a normal rational person who has found a way to sort herself out and get on with her life, Beat her addiction and spend quality time with her Family and friends, Well Done Lynne. I can relate to that,

            as a truck driver I have spent lots of time away from home, missing my children growing up ,I sometimes wish I had said Fuck it and spent some more quality time with them , But now I have five Grandchildren and I do spend as much Quality time with them as I can.I found your web site very informative with lots of information for those that might need it. I might even buy the book. I particularly liked your YouTube video, it must have taken a lot of courage to do that I can see you were a bit nervous, but hay you did it .

            well done Lynn. I wish you and your Family all the best in the future and I really mean that


            • Lynne says:

              Hey Doug

              Well lots of people think I am a nutter so I’ll take that all with a pinch of salt 🙂

              Thank you for the compliments, it was quite hard to do and yes I was nervous. But I can’t get anywhere without trying something new so it was actually a really liberating experience. The feedback I have gotten was really good too so hopefully for the next one I will be more confident.

              I really do suggest you read the book, I can feel how much lighter I feel as a person, I am laughing more and I just love that. Even my hubby asked me last week why I am all bubbly. All from one book and saying Fuck It a few times? Quite amazing 🙂

              Enjoy your grandchildren, the time goes so fast and they’ll be big before you know it.. but of course you know this already 🙂

            • Ramirez says:

              Hi Lynne
              Nice article you got here.What really caught my eyes was the saying about us living each day of our lives as if it were our last. And I in particular totally agree with it. It’s really important that we fight against our addictions because addictions have devastating effects in our day to day lives. This site will help me a lot. Looking forward to your upcoming articles.

              • Lynne says:

                Thanks Ramirez, yes I totally agree. Imagine I died right now and I have to say I worked my ass off in a job I hated for my last day on earth? Oh no! I want to be able to say that I lived my life and enjoyed every last bit of it.

              • Elma says:

                Hi, Lynne.

                How nice that you find a book to help you when you wanted to quit smoking. I have been smoking for many years, and I also used phrases thus. about. I am a non-smoker, I am more relaxed and so on. Even if I read another book, but it worked. No, It was many years ago.
                I think the book is an excellent tool to give strange in the situation, it´s tuff to quit.
                Thanks for the article.


                • Lynne says:

                  Hi Elma, I actually found the book about 2 weeks after I quit smoking so it really wasn’t this book that made me quit, it was this book that helped me stay stopped 🙂 I will soon be sharing on what helped me quit smoking.

                  Well done for quitting smoking, no matter how you managed to do it, it is hard.

                • jazzy323 says:

                  its so amazing that this boook has helped you with overing insecurities and also overcoming smoking as well. I alos like how you have layed out your site and your review focuses on how exactly the fuck it book has helped you personally which is what i look for in a review. well done

                  • Lynne says:

                    Thanks Jaazy, this is my first review on this website and I plan on adding loads more. I really feel for this website it is important for you to know how it helped me. I have read plenty of self help and spiritual books so have a lot to share.

                  • Maria Rosa Martinez says:

                    i have to say that this is the first time i have heard of such inspirational book in this way!! but its great to know that have help you quit the cigarrete. way to go!!! Keep going like that! il definitely provide the info of this book to my relatives and see what happens.

                    • Lynne says:

                      Hi Maria, thanks and I am glad you enjoyed this review 🙂

                    • rookiercflyer says:

                      Well, I have to say it’s a really different introduction to a blog. The book sounds just the kind of reading matter that would appeal to me.

                      I have read a good number of personal development books and many have had a humorous background. My quirky sense of humour benefits from this type of reading matter.

                      I searched your page but didn’t find a link to purchase said book, I assume it is available from Amazon so I will pop over there and take look for myself. Thanks.

                      • Lynne says:

                        Thanks for the feedback, the image is linked to Amazon and there are links throughout the post. Perhaps I didn’t make them obvious enough? I have just added some Buy It Now links 🙂

                      • Robert says:

                        That book sounds hilarious! And it makes so much sense! There’s something wonderfully irreverent and English about the whole thing. I don’t think God will mind 😉

                        Glad you found the Fuck It way and the links are really handy. I really did wonder what this post was going to be about and got a really funny read out of it, so thank you very much for that 😛

                      • Maurice says:

                        Digging the language you use within your text. Grabs attention and either someone really likes it or someone really does not. I really like it and I am hooked. The way you write is unique and you can see this is truly you writing it. It feels like you have putten a lot of thought in it which i admire

                        • Lynne says:

                          Thanks Maurice, yes you are so right.. people either love the Fuck It Way or they are totally turned off by the swearing…

                        • Antonis Christonasis says:

                          Hello Lynne. These days we are so overwhelmed with responsibilities that yes, you have to shout Fuck it! every now and then. The emotional baggage that comes off your shoulders is beyond measure. We take life too seriously and oftentimes drive ourselves to a corner, only to realise this after it has happened. Lets say fuck it and live life with a smile. Everything is not that serious. 🙂

                          • Lynne says:

                            Antonis, yes exactly! Everything is so serious these days. If everyone just learned how to take it a little bit easier the world might be a better (and less stressful) place to be 🙂

                          • John says:

                            Love it Lynne! I am an Aussie so I do utter the “odd” swear word.
                            But you are so right!
                            Either accept it or change it, Fuck it either way, it beats worrying about it! Definitely buying this book! Thanks, made my night ?

                            • Lynne says:

                              Hi John

                              Then you will love this book! I have the actual book and it is travelling all over our neighborhood, doing good all the way. I barely have it back for 5 minutes before someone asks to borrow it!

                              I actually want to write a follow up on this post because so much more has changed in my life that I am sure is because of the change of mindset that came about after reading Fuck It!

                            • Asen says:

                              Hello there,

                              Lol, that seems like a very good guide on how to live without giving a fuck in order to be happier.
                              It is true that a lot of people tend to worry a lot about unmeaningful things and it is difficult to say “hey why I am doing this on my nerves instead of calming down and live my life?”.
                              The thing I like about the book is that it contains huge amount of humor which makes it easily chewable.
                              Thanks for the great suggestion.

                              • Lynne says:

                                LOL yes I do think a lot of people are concerned with things that are not really important in the bigger picture. I think we all need to learn how to be happy and not worry so much!

                                Leave a Reply