Life Is Short, Stop Worrying About Needless Things

It’s often easy to get caught up in current events, unsurprisingly so. After all, we are living in the now, and as adults or even older teenagers, we start getting a bit more interested about what’s happening in the big wide world rather than just our house and our friend’s house down the street. Despite the wise words of Sir Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power”, with knowledge nowadays usually comes great depression. The moment you look at the news you are simply bombarded with dozens of articles about recent tragedies, “Family of 5 found dead”, “House prices rising”, “Series of terrorist attacks” and god knows what other terrible headlines one might find in the average newspaper you find on the bus.

If those things are constantly being absorbed by your psyche on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that we find ourselves worrying about everything all the time, with stress is eating away at our physical and mental health. Let’s look at why you should stop worrying, and have a slightly more optimistic mindset in life, rather than worrying about every single little thing.

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Before you start worrying, think if it’s relevant to you

It might sound somewhat selfish to say, but no matter how much you find yourself being sad about the terrorist attack that happened halfway across the globe and no matter how of a humane gesture it might be, ultimately, you have no control over it. Or well, likely no control, unless you go and sign up for a rescue team or charity of some sorts, it’s probably out of your reach. Now think to yourself, if you know this, what can you do with this information? You can “know” it, for sure, and you can worry about it if you so desire, but can you actually act on it? Probably not, so before you go and read into the recent tragedy on the front page, think to yourself, “what benefit is there for this to be at the forefront of my thoughts for the next few weeks?”.

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What’s going to happen, will happen

Life likes to throw punches at us when we least expect it, that’s the nature of the beast. Once again, we can sit around and worry about how bad things might be, or you can try to live in the now and have a slightly more optimistic outlook on things. Worried about your credit rating? Worried about not being able to get a decent mortgage? Now you can even get a loan with a terrible rating through peer loans, as there is no credit check.

Worried about the state of the housing market and rising prices? The world is vast and you can always move somewhere where the housing prices are a bit more reasonable. Spending too much time thinking about your child’s success in school? Do your best to help them, but ultimately it’s up to them to make the right decisions. Going through an existential crisis? Try and think about things that fuel you and roll with the punches as life goes along rather than overthinking the bigger picture. These might all be minute things, but they add up, so if you find yourself worrying about all of them at all times, your health can seriously suffer as a result. Try being more optimistic, and distance yourself sometimes to be able to objectively look at the situation at hand.


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    Thank you for this. It is very insightful and eye opening and makes me see thing from a different perspective!
    Your content is very therapeutic and should be seen by a lot of other people.

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