Reclaim Your Apartment After Living With Your Ex

It’s never a happy situation to go through, a breakup. But what’s even worse is when you go through a breakup, and you’ve still got to live with your partner, at least for a little while. With all of the stress, anxiety, and trying to avoid one another until they leave, the relationship can taint your apartment. So when they finally go, how can you reclaim the apartment as your own once again, but also make sure that you move on with your life?

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The first thing you should try and do is alter the feel of the place. Once your ex has finally bid goodbye to the place, it’s time to take advantage of making the space completely your own. You might need a bit of help, and there are plenty of renovation companies like World of Renovation that can help you out, or if you are struggling financially, pepper the place with some accessories that you didn’t dare hang up before. It’s your space, do what you want with it!

Don’t Let Them Get Away Without Paying Their Half

You might be blindsided with rage and so eager to get them out the door, that you could be lumbered with a massive electric bill. This could be the most difficult part of splitting up, apart from the emotional impact of course, but if they try to get away scot-free, and emails or phone calls aren’t cutting it, you are within your rights to demand they pay up. This might be an incredible annoyance, but at the end of the day, if you are struggling to make ends meet, this money can mean the difference between you staying in the apartment and moving out. Finalizing the bills is an annoying process, to say the least, but if the relationship ends on a sour note, they may try and get away without paying their fair share. Of course, this is completely unfair on you, and it may not feel like it’s worth the fight, but you are with yourself to fight your corner, especially if you’ve been putting up with so much crap during the relationship.

Give Yourself The Time To Grieve

For all of the painful aspects of breaking up with anyone, and the inevitable fall out over money, you might forget to grieve. You shared an apartment together, and it could be difficult for the first month or two, or even longer if you decide to stay there. But, there’s a reason you’re staying in this apartment, and, more than likely, it’s because it’s too good to give up! So, allow yourself the time to grieve the relationship. Yes, you have precious memories with your ex here, but life moves on, so don’t beat yourself up about the relationship ending. And, after all, and you’ve got the apartment to redecorate and make your own!

Some of us just want to move on as quickly as possible, and this means leaving the apartment behind. Sometimes though, you’ve bought an apartment, or it’s a space that’s too good to leave. It can mean a difficult transition period, but reclaiming your apartment means you can just put your stamp all over it now. You don’t need to share the space, so embrace this!


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