Religion and Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs is a common topic in recovery.

If you read through my website you will see that I work a 12 Step Program through Alcoholics Anonymous and through this program I have come to believe in a power greater than myself. However I am not in the least religious, I am spiritual.

Religion and Recovery from Alchohol Addiction

Here is my take on Religion and recovery from alcohol and drugs:

There are lots of different beliefs surrounding recovery from addiction. One of these is that you can get clean through the Church. Lots of Churches offer help and support for alcoholics and addicts. I know someone that is 8 years clean and he says he doesn’t do 12 Steps, he does 1 Step and that is God. Although this would not have worked for me; he is clean, happy and living a good life.

If getting clean through Religion works for you, great! If you are religious and it doesn’t work for you, simply try something else. I will be sharing as much information as I possibly can on the topic of addiction, getting clean and staying clean.

There is just one point on the subject of Religion that I want to really bring home to anyone reading this and to get that point across I will share a story told to me by one of my counselors from treatment:

Day 1Religion and Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs

A poor man prayed to God and asked to win the lotto.

He never won anything.

Day 2

This man prayed harder and longer to God to win the lotto.

He never won anything.

Day 3

This man begged and pleaded with God to please help him by letting him win the lotto.

A voice came booming down from the Heavens “Meet me half way and buy a ticket!”

The point of this story is that God will help you, put in the work and you will be amazed at the results. I have seen many people fall because of their strong faith that God will save them without them doing anything themselves. I strongly believe that this method of attempting recovery will not work.

Religion and strong faith can be a powerful tool in recovery, those who already have this are a step ahead of a lot of addicts and alcoholics.

I hope you have gained something from this information. If something sparked your interest please leave a comment below. If you disagree please feel free to also voice your opinion!




  1. Joseph says:

    This is a great post Lynne, I enjoyed the read, very enlightening.
    Thank You for your kindness and caring in sharing this

    • Lynne says:

      Pleasure Joseph, thank you for your input!

    • Melissa says:

      I think this is very well written and explained , You can not expect to sit and do nothing and say that God will help you , Meet him half way 🙂

      • Lynne says:

        Thanks Melissa! Happy you feel the same way 🙂 you for visiting my site!

      • Papa Dave says:

        Hi, Lynne! Tough topic which I think, not being religious yourself, you handled with a decent amount of grace and sensitivity. When I first saw the topic “Religion”, being a Pastor (don’t tell anyone on WA), I immediately zeroed in to see what you would say. I think you handles this very well! God bless you in your efforts to help others who suffer.

        • Lynne Huysamen says:

          Thanks Papa Dave. Sorry I am not religious, read my other post I just put up about starting my journey. I might not exactly he a believer, but something incredible is working in my life!

        • Guy says:

          Faith and work together…that’s how I believe too… I should do what’s possible for me to do and God will do the impossible… Meet Him half way like you say in your post…

          I used to go to cxhurch a lot. In fact, the first time I revored from booze and drug was from praying, studying the bible and going to church…

          But then after a few relapses…and ended up in a detox center… I feel more comforable going to a recovery meeting than to church… but my faith is still there… if not EVEN STRONGER!

          And I bdon’t feel to just anyone bin this vmatter either!

          Nice website. Keep up the good work!

          • Lynne says:

            I love what you said there Guy, about doing what is possible and leaving God to do the impossible. Beautifully put, because God will work miracles in your life if you work for it.
            I am so glad you are clean and have found that meetings work for you too. God is one of the pillars of the recovery process but I do feel there is more to it than just faith 🙂

            Kind Regards

          • Gannet Furtal says:

            I have read your story about addiction and also about your life. it is so wonderful to know about your journey, and how you fought through. You have 2 beautiful children. I pray to God to Give you the strength, peace and happiness. And let the Glory of the Lord fill your home.


            • Lynne says:

              Hi Gannet

              Thank you for your support and kind words 🙂 God has already filled my home and I am sure he will continue to do so.

              Kind Regards

            • Debra Larkin says:

              As a mother of an addict I think your site is awesome . It could help many people. My son is a recovering addict and believe me when I tell you I have learned a lot. Wisdom is the word. His life has improved so much in the last year and so has mine. Sometimes I think it’s a miracle so this blog speaks to a belief in a higher power. I wish you great success and I’m bookmarking this one. Debra

              • Lynne says:

                Hi Debra

                Thanks for visiting. I am so glad to hear your son is in recovery. Well done to him! Feel free to send him to read my blogs, I would love to hear from fellow addicts in recovery and have them add their experience, strength and hope.

                Kind Regards

              • Young says:

                I absolutely love what you said, “Put in the work!”. I used to think that the word “addiction” is only for others who has a serious issues and who need immediate medical professional’s help. But as I try to develop myself, I, more and more, realize how addictive I am with negative habits that harm my inner-self, such as quickly judging someone, not being able to forgive or only thinking about my side.
                I don’t like religion, but I love GOD with all my heart. Just like the person you mentioned above who does only one step, I couldn’t find answers for life elsewhere. I wouldn’t have a desire to put un the work to correct my issues. I agree that those who have faith are step ahead of a lot of challenges we face. And just like what you said on your other article, “Self Help”, I don’t believe we can overcome struggles just by ourselves.
                Lynne, I have so much to talk on this topic, but I just want to say that I respect you for your desire to help others who struggle in addictions. Keep up the good work!

                • Lynne says:

                  Thanks Young.

                  That is very true of a lot of people too. I am just grateful that I have this amazing opportunity now to better myself all the time. Spiritual growth is what I am after and I think it has been a huge growth spurt for me.

                • Ray Brannum says:

                  Thank you for your web site. If you can save just one addict it will have been worth your effort. You are an angel.

                  • Lynne says:

                    Hi Ray
                    That is it exactly. I hope that my message helps other people.

                  • Jim says:

                    There’s something that people need to realize about God and religion. You see, religion IS faith in God. God says that “pure” religion, undefiled in the site of God, is to visit (that means to provide the needs of) orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep one’s self unspotted by the world. That’s James 1:27. Here’s the point. Religion is DOING what God says to do. In reality, God won’t meet us “half way”. God demands it His way. We all must DO exactly as God says, to be pleasing to Him, and to be rewarded with His rich blessings. So don’t go “half way”, go all the way, and do it God’s way, and you’ll be amazed at what He will do for you. If you have comments on this, please contact me. Thanks for allowing this comment, Jim.

                    • Lynne says:

                      Oh my gosh Jim. I totally disagree with this. I am not in the slightest religious and I am living a life of sobriety and recovery from addiction. How has what you said got anything to do with recovering from addiction?

                      I have seen people die from addiction because they have been told God will save them. Addicts and Alcoholics must take responsibility for themselves and not have blind faith that God will just fix everything for them if they just believe. Addicts must choose recovery and work for it, otherwise their chances for success are very slim indeed.

                      I don’t do anything God says, and I do not believe.

                      I believe in my Higher Power, which is personal to me and which has met me half way. I have countless blessings. Thank you.

                    • Lanu Bennett says:

                      You are right Lynne, the greatest work anyone will do is on oneself. It is important to WANT THE CHANGE, without which change will not come. Change must begin with oneself. Thanks for bringing this out.

                      • Lynne says:

                        Exactly Lanu, if you don’t want to change for yourself nothing will happen. And as is often the case with addicts, if you don’t even realize that you need to change then there is no hope. It is only when you break through that denial and come to realize that you need to change that something can start happening!

                      • Sue says:

                        Hi Lynne,
                        What a great site you have created. I am in recovery myself. I like to see others viewpoints on all of this. I can identify with what you are saying. Myself I do believe in God not religion, I have done quite a bit of soul searching about this matter. My intention is not to offend or insult other’s belief system regarding this subject. God does not need religion he is to bigger a power for that. My self I call God the GREAT MAGIC HIGH ONE. God will help you get clean straight and sober but you need to do the work also, it is a team effort. he also gave us the gift of free will. In fact my Dear Dad who has now passed, use to say DID GOD GIVE YOU A BRAIN? WILL THAN USE IT. Any have a wonderful day and MAY THE GENTLE WHISPER OF THE WIND CARESS YOUR CHEEK, IT IS THE KISS OF GOD’S BREATH. Kind Regards, Sue.

                        • Lynne says:

                          Sue that is exactly it, recovery is a joint effort and having religion or a belief in God can help you but you need to do the work 🙂

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