8 Benefits Of Recovery from Addiction

Have you ever wondered what your life may be like without your drug of choice? Yes I know the thought of quitting is scary and perhaps you have tried and didn’t make it past the withdrawals and cravings.

While I have written a lot of articles about how hard and painful addiction is I haven’t shared very much about how it feels to be free from addiction.

So many people ask me how hard it is to live in recovery and it seems a lot of people think that it is really hard and a daily struggle. There was a time when it was hard of course, where every minute was a struggle but now, nearly 9 years clean from drugs and alcohol and just over 18 months clean from nicotine the truth is that it is not hard anymore.

It is a way of life and if I do suddenly get a mental craving for a drug, alcohol or cigarettes it is so fleeting that it has little to no impact on my life.

Benefits of recovery from addiction

1 No More Secrets

Imagine not having to be dishonest about things, not having to lie and hide?

Being stuck in addiction means having to keep secrets all the time, from your family, your friends, your work colleagues and everyone else that you come into contact with.

Addiction causes so much shame and when you are in active addiction you try and hide it from everyone around you.

Until you get clean you have no idea the weight that these secrets have on you. The feeling of lightness that comes over you when you get clean from drugs but also clean from your shame and secrets.

2 No Loss Of Money To Addiction

Every addiction costs money in some way. From the more direct costs of spending money on drugs, alcohol, gambling and prostitutes to the indirect costs of things like moving home after being evicted for not paying your rent or even moving to be closer to your drug dealer.

The fact is that if you are an addict you will be wasting a lot of money directly and indirectly.

Being in recovery from addiction means that you will get to keep all your money and that is an amazing feeling.

3 No More Employment Problems

If you are an addict, chances are incredibly high that your job is being affected. Your employer may do regular drug tests and this is not pleasant if you don’t pass the test plus your work performance is probably suffering.

Losing your job is not only demoralizing, but it will impact you financially. In addition to that in the long term it will affect your working history which future employers will be interested in. If you are unable to hold down a job this will make you unemployable to a lot of business owners.

Getting clean means you are not only able to pass work drug tests, but you will be able to perform better in your job and hold down a job.

Trust me, this feels good. It makes you feel worthwhile and valuable.

4 No More Broken Relationships and Conflict

If you are in active addiction every relationship you are in will take strain, from the relationship with your family, to your intimate relationships and even your relationship with your colleagues and employer.

Getting clean means that you have a chance to repair all these damaged relationships and you can start to have close, meaningful relationships again.

5 No More Forgetting What Happened

I don’t know about you, but one of the worst things about addiction is waking up in the morning and not being able to fill in the blanks. There were times that a whole day was missing from my memory, no matter how hard I tried I could not recall anything that happened.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you were in full control of yourself and being able to remember every little thing that you did the day before?

6 No More Apologizing

Active addiction is one long apology and it never ends. Continuously having to apologize for your actions it not pleasant. In addition to that nobody takes you seriously because you keep doing the same things to the same people. An apology just doesn’t mean anything anymore.

When you stop using and you stop causing damage with everything you do you don’t need to apologize constantly.

7 No More Drug Related Health Problems

Let’s face it, addiction causes health problems such as cocaine damage to your nose. Sometimes the damage to your health is permanent and won’t improve but very often your body can repair itself when you stop using your drug of choice. There are many health benefits to giving up alcohol and other drugs.

When you are using drugs your body takes a knock physically. Drugs cause damage to your body and your immune system will also suffer, making you prone to getting ill more often too.

In addition to physical damage from using drugs the stress and worry you are under will also add to your health problems.

When you get clean and allow your body to heal you will be amazed at how fast your health improves.

8 No More Legal Problems

Being in active addiction very often comes with a myriad of legal problems. You could have legal action taken against you for non-payment of accounts or perhaps you have been arrested for drunken driving or possession of drugs?

When you stop using you can start to live your life without fear of legal problems.

This is by no means the end of the list of benefits of recovery from addiction. If you get clean you will experience these benefits of recovery and many more. In fact I have found that now, nearly 9 years down the line that the benefits of recovery keep on coming.

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