Will My Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Having a quality health insurance plan is important. It can help your healthcare costs be much more manageable and ensure you get the right care for your ailments and issues. But what if you have been dealing with substance abuse problems? Substance abuse is an unfortunately common issue for Americans as over 20 million Americans have at least one addiction.

Despite this, only a small percentage of them will seek treatment. Some will avoid treatment because of embarrassment, some because they don’t feel they need it and others because they are fearful of the costs. With how expensive standard healthcare is, many simply feel that getting treatment will cost them too much.

This begs the question, will your health insurance cover your treatment as you begin the road to recovery? Well, that is what this blog post is going to take a closer look at.

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Will Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

The simple answer is yes. Plans that want to appear on the insurance marketplace need to provide care in specific categories, and one of them is an addiction and substance abuse care. This substance abuse often falls under the mental and behavioral health category of insurance plans coverage. Substance abuse services are seen as essential health benefits.

As a result, no plan can simply ignore the needs of those who would benefit from substance abuse treatment. Also, many private insurance plans have followed suit to remain compliant if they want to eventually be sold on the marketplace as well. This is great news as today a large number of people have more affordable access to treatment for their abuse treatment.

This coverage has also helped to break the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction treatment. However, having insurance to help cover substance abuse treatment wasn’t always an option. Before the ACA (Affordable Care Act), many insurance plans simply didn’t provide any coverage or support for those dealing with addiction. Addiction is also no longer considered a pre-existing condition, which it was in the past.

Also, the good news is that you will be covered, no matter the addiction you have or what has caused it. This is similar to the model of how other medical conditions are treated by health insurance programs.

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What Exactly is Covered?

So now that you know that most health insurance plans will cover abuse treatment, what exactly do they cover? Well, this can be different from the insurance plan to the insurance plan. In general, there are a few things that must be covered. This includes behavioral treatments like counseling and psychotherapy, inpatient services, and the substance abuse treatment itself. Other things like medication, testing, and evaluations are also often covered.

However, when you look at things like how long plans will cover treatment, the exact type of coverage they provide and any restrictions, these can vary wildly.  In order to know the exact things (and amounts) that are covered by your plan, be sure to look at the details of the plan in-depth. If you are struggling to understand the inclusions and exclusions of your plan, be sure to reach out to an expert.

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The Right Insurance To Aid in Your Recovery

Substance abuse is a problem for millions of Americans and can take a toll on their friends and families as well. Once a person is ready for treatment, they can rest assured knowing that many health insurance plans do cover substance abuse treatment in some way. Of course, every plan is different in terms of what (and how much) they cover, so be sure to do your homework.


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